Crestwood Global Missions

We take seriously Jesus’ command to go and make disciples of all nations. That is reflected in sister-church relationships in Haiti, Russia and Egypt. It is also why we have adopted a clan in Somalia as our unreached peoples group, and why we encourage our members and friends to join us on mission trips to Haiti, Jamaica, Egypt, Albania, Russia, and the Navajo Nation.

Haiti Outreach Ministries

Port au Prince, Haiti
For 25 years we have supported the work of Pastor Leon Dorleans and his wife, Jacky, whose ministry in and around the capital city of Port au Prince has grown dramatically. Today more 3,200 worship in three locations, 1540 young people attend H.O.M schools, and 30,000+ are cared for at the H.O.M. clinic in Cité Soleil.

Church of Grace (Russia)

Kirovo-Chepetsk, Russia
After the fall of Communism, the Church of Grace was founded in a small community 600 miles NE of Moscow. In 1998 Crestwood partnered with the church and today enjoys a continued relationship with the congregation that has grown to more than 400. In addition to ministries focusing on youth and the medical needs of the town, the church has planted more churches in numerous nearby communities.

Sadat Church (Egypt)

El Sadat City, Egypt

We have joined more than two dozen U.S. churches who have established partnerships with some of the 315 churches in the Synod of the Nile. Crestwood is linked with a small congregation ministering to the many newly-arrived residents who are moving to this “new city” established along the super highway that links Cairo and Alexandria.

Unreached People Group Focus (Somalia)

A Clan of Somalia

Apart from God, not many people in this world know this Clan and even fewer care about them. That’s why Crestwood has adopted these people and is seeking the Lord’s guidance to effectively introduce them to Jesus their Messiah. As Muslims, they refer to Jesus as Messiah, Isa al Masih, but don’t know the meaning. What a joy to explain to them that, just as they anoint their sultan with camel’s milk to lead the tribe, Jesus is the Anointed One, the Sultan of sultans to lead every tribe and nation! We are partnering with Arrive Ministries in Minnesota and a pastor who has been ministering to Somali refugees including a clan leader who regularly visits his people in refugee camps in Somalia.

Operation Christmas Child

Around the World

The amazing journey of a shoebox gift begins with us and results in evangelism, discipleship, and multiplication. Operation Christmas Child engages our entire congregation and friends in our community who fill and process shoeboxes with age-appropriate items for youngsters around the world. We pray  for the thousands of children who will be blessed by these personalized shoebox gifts and we rejoice in the prospect that many will discover the Life-Changing Jesus through The Greatest Journey follow-up campaign.