Evangelical Church of Bilisht, Albania

Crestwood has come alongside Doni and Gail Lilo who are pastoring the only Evangelical Church in Bilisht and surrounding district. Their goal is to make Christ known to all from preborn to seniors by encouraging every believer, right where they are, to proclaim Christ as Lord and King. A team from Crestwood hopes to visit the church in Bilisht again in summer of 2022. Please talk with David Wild if you would like to learn more or have questions (dmwild345@gmail.com).

Healthy relationships are highly valued in the Bilisht church. Members are equipped to build relationships as they serve the community.

The local people are friendly, curious, and open to conversation with Americans. Crestwood Pastor Rob Burns (left) and Elder Jim Scorzelli (right) along with David and Martha Wild enjoyed fellowship with church and community members on a recent mission trip. If you would like to participate in the next trip to Bilisht planned for 2022, contact David Wild. (dmwild345@gmail.com)

In 2017 Crestwood sponsored a VBS in Bilisht, evangelized, prayed/conversed/participated in Bible study with adults, visited house churches, enjoyed a day where new believers were baptized in a beautiful lake, visited a regional camp, and explored the area

The Evangelical Church of Bilisht meets in a building that overlooks the town of 8,000 nestled in the hills of southeastern Albania close to the border with Greece.

Martha Wild (left) offered encouragement to the women of the church during a recent short-term mission trip.

Crestwood Pastor Rob preached during a recent mission trip to Bilisht.

As with children the world over, enjoying some fun during Vacation Bible School brings out the smiles.