A Clan of Somalia

Apart from God, not many people in this world know this Clan and even fewer care about them. That’s why Crestwood has adopted these people and is seeking the Lord’s guidance to effectively introduce them to Jesus their Messiah. As Muslims, they refer to Jesus as Messiah, Isa al Masih, but don’t know the meaning. What a joy to explain to them that, just as they anoint their sultan with camel’s milk to lead the tribe, Jesus is the Anointed One, the Sultan of sultans to lead every tribe and nation! We are partnering with Arrive Ministries in Minnesota and a pastor who has been ministering to Somali refugees including a clan leader who regularly visits his people in refugee camps in Somalia.

Hope for Somalis

As the drought has eased and danger from militant Islamist rebels has been lessened, members of the clan we are attempting to reach with the gospel are leaving refugee camps and returning to their farms and villages. Crestwood has funded the digging of wells to serve the principal communities of this clan.